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Mail Ordering Marijuana? (Legit Services)

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Many People are in need of the green at a time, place, etc. in which MJ may be out of reach. Whatever the reason(s) may be, MOM services may seem like a good idea but I hate seeing people being scammed time and time again out of their hard-earned cash.

I am here to list a few reputable MOM services that have been tried and true and legit places to order your Marijuana.

There are many MOM services available to Canada such as Budbuddy, etc. but people in the United States that are in need of green cannot order from such sevices. The following services have built strong reputations and ship world wide.

Jay’s Joints – http://www.xmail.net/jay/index.html    (Website)

Jay’s has been in business for some years now and has built a solid reputation. He is reference on many reputable sites including Cannabis Culture. He has potent BC buds, BubbleHash, and Budder. People tend to complain about the prices, however people don’t take into consideration the favor he is doing and the risk he is taking. Atleast if you order through Jay’s, you know you’ll get your product. (For purchases he accepts cash and money orders)

Mid Green’s – MiddGreen@yahoo.ca   (Email)

Mid Green’s is a relatively new service, however it’s building good reputation quickly. Mid Green’s does have a few downsides though, such as only offering commercial buds, unlike Jay’s who offers strictly Potent buds. Also, Mid Green’s doesn’t have a known web address but is quick to respond to any questions when contacted via email. (Mid Green’s accepts payments via paypal)

My Opinion

I have tried both services numerous times and have to give both a thumbs up!

Jay’s products are definitely enjoyable and potent, but the prices can be steep if you don’t have money to blow. I do suggest to try the pressed hash though.

Mid Green’s products are less potent than Jay’s, but are more affordable than many other MOM services. It’s just your average marijuana, but a useful resource when in a pinch.





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